Woodland Egg in Adopt Me!

Unveiled on March 17, 2022, the Woodland Egg in Adopt Me! represents the epitome of natural beauty in the popular virtual world.

Egg Image Price Chances Rarity Available Right Now?
Woodland Egg WoodlandEgg adopt me 750 Bucks 22% Common

19% Uncommon

34% Rare

20% Ultra-Rare

5% Legendary

Legendary X

🥚The Dawn of the Woodland Era

Replacing the Mythic Egg, this limited legendary egg costed Bucks 750 and was sold at the Gumball Machine in the Nursery. Though it has been succeeded by the Japan Egg, its legacy lives on, and now it can only be obtained through trading.

🙂A Tribute to Mother Nature: The Woodland Egg’s Aesthetic

The appearance of the Woodland Egg is an ode to nature. It borrows its aesthetic from the conventional Pet Egg but elevates it with a refreshing lime green gradient and sage-colored spots at the top. The egg doesn’t stand alone; it twirls inside a beautifully crafted nest featuring twigs, green leaves, and mushrooms, with additional mushrooms popping out from the top.

Meet Your Woodland Friends: The Range of Obtainable Pets

With the Woodland Egg, players can unlock a plethora of forest-dwelling creatures. The list of obtainable pets includes a Common Bullfrog, Uncommon Red Cardinal, Rare Red Fox, and Rare Woodpecker. For those seeking more exceptional finds, Ultra-Rare options include the Pine Marten and Salamander, and for the apex collectors, the Legendary Fallow Deer and Hawk await.

A Refreshing Rebirth: Changes in the Nursery

The Woodland Egg was more than just an opportunity to hatch new pets; it was an experience that revamped the Nursery itself. New changes included the addition of logs and tropical mushrooms, enhancing the forest-like ambiance. Replacing the mystical tunes that came with the Mythic Egg, bird chirps now fill the Nursery, adding an extra layer of realism to the woodland theme.

🔥Trivia: Did You Know These Fascinating Facts?

When it comes to trivia, the Woodland Egg doesn’t disappoint. Not only did it have the highest legendary hatch rate alongside the Fossil, Ocean, and Mythic Eggs, but it was also the first egg to grace Adopt Me! in the year 2022. These unique features have made the Woodland Egg a standout choice for players who revel in the extraordinary.

🤗Why the Woodland Egg Still Matters

Though it’s no longer available for purchase, the Woodland Egg in Adopt Me! retains a cherished spot in the heart of the community. Its earthy aesthetic, range of woodland creatures, and unique contributions to the game environment make it an unforgettable addition to the Adopt Me! lineup. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, the Woodland Egg represents a piece of Adopt Me!’s evolving history that’s worth cherishing.

By understanding its rich attributes and legacy, one can fully appreciate why the Woodland Egg remains a fascinating chapter in the epic saga that is Adopt Me!

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