Urban Egg in Adopt Me!

Step aside, Danger Egg; there’s a new kid in town! The Urban Egg has taken the Adopt Me! universe by storm since its release on August 24, 2023.

Egg Image Price Chances Rarity Available Right Now?
Urban Egg UrbanEgg adopt me Bucks 750 35% Common

25% Uncommon

20% Rare

16% Ultra-Rare

4% Legendary

Legendary Yes

🥚The Buzz Around the Urban Egg

From its uniquely city-themed design to its eclectic mix of pets, this limited legendary egg has become an instant sensation.

🙂Where to Get Your Hands on One: Accessibility and Price

If you’re looking to add this cosmopolitan gem to your collection, you’re in luck. The Urban Egg is available for purchase from the Gumball Machine in the Nursery for a reasonable 750 Bucks. And for those who miss out on the direct purchase, there’s always the option of trading to acquire this contemporary marvel.

The Look: Breaking Down the Urban Egg’s Design

When it comes to style, the Urban Egg doesn’t disappoint. Although the exact appearance details weren’t provided, it likely reflects its metropolitan theme, blending seamlessly with the vibrant Adopt Me! universe. Its city-slick aesthetic resonates with players who have a penchant for the urbane and sophisticated.

Meet the Pets: What Can You Hatch?

What really sets the Urban Egg apart is its diverse range of obtainable pets. The egg boasts a total of twelve pets, from the Common Bluebottle Fly to the Legendary Gargoyle. Here’s a brief overview:

Common: Bluebottle Fly, Cockroach, Mongoose
Uncommon: Tawny Frogmouth, Rock Pigeon
Rare: Indian Leopard, Toy Poodle
Ultra-Rare: Alley Cat, Seagull, Black Kite
Legendary: Billy Goat, Gargoyle

Whether you’re looking for something cute like a Toy Poodle or something mysterious like a Gargoyle, the Urban Egg has you covered.

🔥Fun Facts: Did You Know?

While many details are still emerging about the Urban Egg, what we do know is that its pet offerings encapsulate the essence of urban life. From the hustle and bustle represented by the common critters like Bluebottle Fly and Cockroach, to the mystical allure of the Legendary Gargoyle, the egg captures the diverse tapestry of city living in a virtual pet form.

🤗Why Urban Egg is the Talk of Adopt Me!

In summary, the Urban Egg in Adopt Me! offers a unique combination of urban-inspired design and a versatile menagerie of pets. It’s not just another egg in the game; it’s a lifestyle encapsulated in a virtual item. Whether you’re new to Adopt Me! or a veteran player, the Urban Egg provides an exciting opportunity to expand your pet collection with flair. So why wait? Head to the Nursery and get yours today!

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