Starter Egg in Adopt Me!

When you first step into the world of Adopt Me!, what greets you is not just the vibrant atmosphere and exciting gameplay.

Egg Image Price Chances Rarity Available Right Now?
Starter Egg StarterEgg adopt me Free (Granted when a player joins the game for the first time; not tradable) 100% Common

0% Uncommon

0% Rare

0% Ultra-Rare

0% Legendary

Common Yes. Only for players who are playing Adopt Me! for the first time.

🥚Welcoming the Starter Egg in Your Adopt Me! Journey

You are welcomed with the opportunity to own your very first pet egg: the Starter Egg. Given free of charge, this egg sets the tone for your entire Adopt Me! experience.

🙂Obtaining Your First Egg: Meeting Sir Woofington at the Nursery

The process of acquiring the Starter Egg is as straightforward as it gets. Upon entering Adopt Me!, players will find that Sir Woofington is waiting for them at the Nursery with the egg in question. However, there’s one crucial requirement: you must be playing in the adult role to obtain and care for this egg.

What Pets Can You Hatch: Cat or Dog, A Simple Choice

The Starter Egg is unique because it comes with a 100% chance of hatching into a common pet. Unlike other eggs, this one exclusively hatches into either a Cat or a Dog. While they may be common in terms of rarity, the sentimental value of your first pet is priceless.

Appearance: A Humble Shell with a Touch of Class

The Starter Egg may look simple at first glance, but its design is far from mundane. It is a round, white egg with an adorable twist: a small, black graduation cap adorning the top, complete with a golden tassel. Adding an even more intriguing detail, the tassel features blue cursive writing that reads “2016,” a nod to the year before Adopt Me! was released. The appearance sets the stage for your journey into pet ownership, symbolizing that you’re ready to “graduate” into the game.

🔥Unique Characteristics and Trivia: More Than Meets the Eye

The Starter Egg isn’t just about its straightforward functionality. It packs a few quirks that make it stand out. For instance, it cannot be traded, making it a unique possession for each player. Your first task with this egg will always be ‘Hungry,’ and the game provides a free sandwich to satiate this need. As of the Dress Your Pets Live Event, you can no longer name your eggs, but that doesn’t take away from the uniqueness of the Starter Egg. Most notably, this is the only egg you can claim if you choose the Parent role, as babies cannot claim this egg.

🤗Why the Starter Egg is a Cherished Memory in Adopt Me!

Every long journey begins with a single step, and in Adopt Me!, that first step is often accompanied by the Starter Egg. Though it may not offer the rarity or the range of pets that other eggs in the game do, the Starter Egg is an unforgettable part of any player’s Adopt Me! journey. It’s your first foray into pet care, trading, and the in-game economy. It might hatch into a common Cat or Dog, but the memories you’ll create with your first pet are sure to be anything but common.

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