Safety Hub in Adopt Me – Roblox

Trading has always been an integral part of the Adopt Me! universe, and with the introduction of the Safety Hub, the developers have gone the extra mile to ensure a seamless and secure trading experience for all players. Let’s dive deep into the functionalities and offerings of the Safety Hub in Adopt Me!

Introduction about the Safety Hub

Located strategically on Adoption Island, the Safety Hub is conveniently placed behind the Farm Shop. This central location makes it easily accessible for all players, allowing them to utilize its features without wandering far from their primary objectives.

Emphasizing Safe Trades: The Core Purpose

The Safety Hub primarily educates players about potential scams and offers guidelines on how to safeguard themselves while using the trade system. The in-game tutorial offers vivid insights and practical tips, ensuring players remain vigilant and informed about dubious trading activities.

Securing the Trade License: A Step-by-Step Process

For players keen on trading ultra-rare and legendary items, the Trade License is a must-have. To acquire it, one must:

  • Engage in a conversation with the NPC located at the Safety Hub’s entrance.
  • Upon choosing to take the Trade License test, players will be presented with a series of trading scenarios.
  • By correctly identifying whether a trade is safe or not, players demonstrate their understanding of the game’s trading principles.
  • Upon answering three questions accurately, they’re granted access to the Pet/Egg section of the Nursery, where the coveted Trade License awaits on a pedestal.

Guide on Safety Hub

Another invaluable feature of the Safety Hub is the Trade Book. This tool allows players to view their trade history, ensuring transparency and assisting in keeping track of past transactions. This addition reaffirms the developers’ commitment to a safe and transparent trading environment.

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