Rain Gift Shop in Adopt Me – Roblox

When rain pours down in the world of Adopt Me!, seasoned players know it’s time for the much-anticipated Rain Gift Shop. Located tantalizingly to the left of the Camping Shop, this store represents the magic of monsoons and exclusive purchases.

Introduction about the Rain Gift Shop

Not every day do you find a shop that pops up in sync with the rhythm of rain. The Rain Gift Shop was introduced with the Rain Weather Update on February 9, 2023. Its exclusivity lies in its availability: it graces Adopt Me! only on the 23rd of every month and stays just for 36 hours. This ephemeral existence makes every visit to the shop a memorable experience.

More Than Just a Shop: An Assortment of Products

The Rain Gift Shop is not your regular store; it’s a treasure trove. From toys to strollers, pet accessories, and even delightful pet food, there’s something for every Adopt Me! enthusiast. Each item reflects the theme, ensuring that your pets and you truly bask in the rain’s spirit.

Toys: Bringing the Monsoon Magic to Playtime

The toy collection at the Rain Gift Shop is nothing short of spectacular:

Item Image Rarity Price
Crow’s Nest Balloon Common Bucks 99
Rain Stick Common Bucks 300
Captain’s Wheel Throw Toy Common Bucks 200
Pirate Plushie Rare Bucks 899
Ship’s Mast Pogo Rare Bucks 995
Grapplenana Ultra-Rare Bucks 1,500

Pet Wear: Dressing Up for the Drizzle

Nothing spells style like the pet wear collection at the Rain Gift Shop:

Item Image Rarity Price
Rain Badge Common Bucks 100
Rainy Cloud Earrings Common Bucks 150
Glowing Skull Key Common Bucks 300
Spyglass Glasses Uncommon Bucks 300
Captain’s Jacket Uncommon Bucks 450
Parrot Hood Uncommon Bucks 500
Fishers’ Headdress Rare Bucks 500
Rain Leaf Wings Ultra-Rare Bucks 1,300

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