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Among the diverse universe of “Adopt Me!”, Green Groceries, popularly known as the Supermarket, holds a special place. After its temporary hiatus, the store returned, stronger and better, bringing with it a medley of cherished memories and exciting new offerings. Let’s unravel the rich history and offerings of this delightful establishment in Adopt Me!.

Introduction about the Green Groceries

Change is the only constant, and the world of Adopt Me! is no exception. On February 17, 2021, the original Green Groceries gave way to the Farm Shop, leaving a void in many players’ hearts. However, this change was not here to stay, and in a surprising twist, Green Groceries made a much-anticipated return on August 3, 2023.

Positioned majestically at the back of the Adoption Island, the Green Groceries has been the go-to place for players looking to quench their Hunger and Thirst ailments. Nestled between landmarks like the Safety Hub and a Premium Plot, and en route to the Camping Grounds and the Hot Springs, the store had been a prime spot for in-game grocery shopping. Managed by the dedicated NPC, Justin, Green Groceries was known for its free and nominally priced items.

The Green Groceries 2.0: A Detailed Look at the Revamp

The new and improved Green Groceries boasts a pristine white exterior, punctuated with two striking green slanted roofs. The attention to detail is evident in its elegant green wall trims, three meticulously designed windows, and the show-stealer, a green and white striped awning. The exterior landscaping with quaint little trees and a wooden bench exudes warmth, beckoning players to explore further. The new logo, featuring a carton and a baguette, is the cherry on top.

Guide of Green Groceries Items:

The revamped Green Groceries has remained loyal to its original essence, offering an array of foods and beverages. From delectable free treats like donuts to the scrumptious raspberry pie priced at a mere Bucks 3, there’s something for everyone. Players can also relish the goodness of chocolate milk, watermelon, ham, and the all-time favorite, hotdog. For those looking for a dash of role-play, free items like mops and brooms are up for grabs. A unique addition to this collection is the Shopping Cart Stroller, making in-game shopping experiences even more immersive.

Item Cost Type
Mop Free Roleplaying
Broom Free Roleplaying
Donut Free Food
Raspberry Pie Bucks 3 Food
Chocolate Milk Bucks 2 Food
Water Bucks 1 Food
Watermelon Bucks 2 Food
Ham Bucks 3 Food
Apple Bucks 1 Food
Cheese Bucks 2 Food
Hotdog Bucks 2 Food
Shopping Cart Stroller Bucks 200 Stroller

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